Why Dominican’s Are In Denial About Being Black … – Funky Dineva


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The Dominicans I know acknowledge they have african blood in them and are proud of it, but are very very quick to say they are not “black” because they do not want to be associated with the African American which ….

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One thought on “Why Dominican’s Are In Denial About Being Black … – Funky Dineva

  1. Xerxes2

    I live in the Northeast, 45 miles south of Boston in Providence, RI and has a huge Dominican population. First, I am African-American, lighter but not that light, more brown as are most Dominicans. What gets me is the fact that they claim Indian and white descent And are offended if you identify them as black or even of african descent, but 90% of Dominicans assume that I am one of them. 90% of the Dominicans that I encounter in the course of the day, will speak Spanish to me at first. Dominicans need to be thankful for their african ancestry as much as they accept European and Indian. As for Dominican ladies, you go to the salon to relax your hair. Your bodies are very shapely and definitely african in nature. Everyone knows that you are black for the most part. And u appear to be ignorant and uneducated to think otherwise. And another the first african slave revolt was in Santa Domingo early in the 1500’s.

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